Link 175

When it comes to your drainage plow needs, Link plows from Mid America Trenchers are rugged enough to get through any soil type, making your job easier.

Double Link Design

The double link design is the most popular commercial drainage plow and for good reason: certified to maintain grade and built to the most exacting standards, the Link 175 is accurate in the most demanding conditions.

Unsurpassed Flexibility

With an installation range from 3" to 12" and a wide variety of options for tile feeding systems, grade-control mounting, and accessories, the Link 175 is the industry’s most versatile unit.

Use Your Own Power Unit

Link plows can be mounted on a variety of rubber tired and rubber tracked tractors and steel tracked bulldozers. The Link 175 is designed for power units from 55K through 75K lbs.

Commercial-Grade Installation

Built to exacting standards, the Link 175 is the same on the back of the Link 430 DL self-contained unit or the power unit you supply.

Double Link Design
Double Link Design
Unsurpassed Flexibility
Use Your Own Power Unit
Commercial-Grade Installation
  • Dual-swing cylinders
  • Replaceable teeth and moldboards
  • Replaceable shank bottoms
  • Case-hardened floating pins
  • 6' installation depth
  • Certified to hold grade
  • Hydraulic shank lock
  • Easy shank adjustment
  • 7' shank
  • Power feeder
  • Hydraulic or electric GPS mast
  • Tonnage control
  • High ground clearance
  • Tile boot roller system
-Caterpillar D7
-John Deere 850
-Komatsu D85
-John Deere 9000 Series
-Case 370HP+ Steiger RT
-Challenger MT900 Series
-John Deere 9000 Series RT
-Case 370HP+ Quad Track Models
-Challenger MT800 Series RT Models
-Versatile DeltaTrack Models