Link 75

Contractors who have to meet weight and size restrictions in the field or during transportation will find the Link 75 plow especially useful.

The Link 75 offers high clearance, multiple blade-height positions, and multiple blade tip angles. Plus it has a 75K lbs. drawbar pull. The blade is constructed in one piece, so there are no stress-inducing holes. Both the blade tip and moldboards are replaceable.

  • Dual swing cylinders
  • Shoes made of wear-resistant steel
  • Replaceable teeth and moldboards
  • Replaceable shoe bottoms
  • Hoses plumbed to a manifold on the top forward link of the plow
  • Case-hardened pins and bushings
  • Floating pins
  • Laser bracket for left or right side
  • Paint color of your choice
  • Recommended tractor type: Up to 55,000 lbs.
  • Standard maximum depth: 5.2'
  • Ground clearance: 4'
  • Hydraulic blade adjustment
  • Standard shoes: 4" or 6"
  • Quick disconnect (QDT) allows for 15-minute connect/disconnect time (leaving dozer free to do other work)
  • Power tile feeder
  • Shoes: 4", 6", or 8"
  • Longer shank for more working depth
  • Double off-set system
  • Rear link poundage control