Link Plows

Our Link Plows line offer flexibility to tile drainage contractors and farmers to find the right-sized machine for the operation.

Self Contained Plows

Link 430 DL

The Link 430 DL is Mid America Trenchers’ self-contained plow. It is the most powerful mid-weight and best equipped machine of its kind, providing operator comfort as well as the accuracy and ruggedness you’re looking for.

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Mounted Plows

Link 250

The Link 250 is the largest of our plows, designed for a 7' depth with a 250K lb. drawbar pull. It also features high clearance, multiple blade-height positions, multiple blade tip angles, and a laminated shank that provides great strength and wear resistance. The Link 250 is designed for 80K-110K lb. power units as well as larger self-propelled units.

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Link 175

The Link 175 plow is here for your drainage plow needs. Its double link design means the Link 175 is certified to maintain grade and built to the most exacting standards, so it's accurate in even the most demanding conditions. This rugged plow also offers unsurpassed flexibility, including choosing your power unit.

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Link 75

The Link 75 plow is ideal for contractors who need to meet weight and size restrictions in the field or during transportation. It features high clearance, multiple blade-height positions, and multiple blade tip angles. Plus, the blade is constructed in one piece with no stress-inducing holes, giving it the strength needed for tough jobs.

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