Pro Stringer Tile Stringing Trailers

The Pro Stringer line has the highest initial quality of any stringing trailer available.

Plus, they are easy to use, reliable, and strong enough to handle the maxi coils used in agricultural tile water management systems.

Pro Stringer SA

The Pro Stringer SA is our manual two-wheeled tile stringing trailer featuring an 11' 2" table and 4" hydraulic cylinder to keep your tile and your project moving.

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Pro Stringer TA

The Pro Stringer TA is a four-wheeled tile stringing trailer with standard features including Lodar remote control, a hydraulic brake, and all-wheel electric brakes. Like the Pro Stringer SA, the Pro Stringer TA also has an 11' 2" table and a 4" hydraulic cylinder. You can count on the Pro Stringer TA to meet all your tile stringing needs.

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