Used Equipment

Many contractors are looking to upgrade, but not necessarily go with a new machine. Mid America Trenchers can help you find the low hours, high-quality Buckeye Trenchers and Link Plows almost anytime.

Below is our current list of used inventory available. Please give us a call today to discuss any additional details about anything in our used inventory!

2012 Buckeye 9200 Magnum

This Buckeye 9200 Magnum platform is a high-performance powerhouse! Features a ready-to-go dual-wall system and includes 4 Maxwell drainage boots. This machine lays up to 22" dual wall 7' deep!

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2006 Wolfe 450 self contained tile plow - $225K

  • 450 hp Cat C15 engine heavy duty track system
  • Large track pumps
  • Drive motors rebuilt in 2013
  • Power feeder
  • Wired for Trimble

Consignment Sale - Speicher 7060 - $70K

  • Currently going thru shop for some small items such as transmission cable replacement
  • Has Digging Wheel Drive Transmission update kit
  • Wired for Trimble TMX
  • Includes boot extension, cutters and trailer for 15"
  • Clean machine

2003 Hydramaxx 2600

  • Clean machine
  • Recent wheel maintenance
  • Recent hydraulic maintenance

Consignment Sale - Holland Drain self contained Plow - $80K

  • Parallel Beam
  • Self leveling (why the shank isn't straight in the picture)
  • Mechanical Drive on tracks
  • Wired for Trimble TMX

Other Used Equipment Available

  • 15” Flexible dual wall boot – 42” Dig Frame, Non Pivot
  • 24” Dual Wall Boot – Smooth Top Post